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Gaming Solution


“A complete gaming portal”

DDNet Gaming Solution is developed towards a complete gaming portal as we want to address the youth community. They desire both access to the latest games and to the news and game related reviews. Having the necessary experience in this field, the DDNet team designed a scalable infrastructure for game servers which offers to all players access to a variaty of dedicated servers.

Starting for an existing games servers ( 3 public servers, 3 clan games servers and a training server for Counter-Strike, a WarCraft3 server and a Transport Tycoon game server for the nostalgic) the DDNet Gaming project is intended to attract as many game fans as possible by offering advantages to the loyal clients.
At DDNet we stress interactivity. The users of our portal will be able to interact with other players, to directly communicate by using our website, will be able to share their opinions on the latest news and will be able to take part to the live chat sessions with the best game players.

We will offer a system to the pros which will allow them to schedule training games and challenges, thus using efficiently the available hardware resources. Furthermore, the games will be recorded, the users having the possibility to access the demos of the best gamers and will also be able to make comments.

The general competition sponsors will have a dedicated management interface where they will be able to choose to organize a competition, the contest themes, the days, the messages that will appear on the servers (the promos), the prizes etc.

“GameOn League: a semi-pro game league that will generate daily events”

The main attraction and the most searched-for events will be found in the GameOn League. This will be an inter-clan competition that will generate daily events. This competition represents the DDNet vision over a semi-pro game league, which is comparable to a inter-club football championiship where everyone faces everyone, with valor groups, special competitions, cups and tops.
IPTV The main events will be linked to Counter-Strike and WarCraft Dota, but according to the visitors requirements we can implement solutions for any multi-player game. In order for this competition to become a reality, DDNet offers you a complete administration and organization interface both for the organizers and for each clan. We go even further by offering control options at the player level. All these events will be connected to the clan servers which will serve both the official games and the trainings.

“The high level of interactivity will bring this game portal up in the top searches”

The main advantage of this event type is the high level of interactivity which exists between each and every visitor and the community. The user-generated content will bring this game portal up in the top searches and the visitor number tops as each event, each player chat will be done solely throughout this portal.

A visited portal brings more sponsors , the sponsors are directly interested in promoting and advertising will have more accessing. By increasing the number of accesses, increases the user awarnes toward the client products, both sides wining.