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Solutions / Dedicated automated hosting for datacenters
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Dedicated automated hosting for datacenters

DDNet Datacenter is a complete solution for dedicated hosting. The easy-to-use web interface is backed up by an engine capable of automatically install the servers. The DDNet Datacenter brings you the advantage of quality and speed, keeping the administrative costs at a minimum level.

Having a large experience in hosting, the DDNet team came up with a 100% automatized solution, scalable and with redundancy, a solution which is perfect for any ISP who intends to offer dedicated hosting services.
Clients advantages:

The Linux distributions are configurated pre and post instalation. The configuration of the basic distribution packages is completed at the instalation. The client has the posibility to customize the server instalation by choosing a varied range of packeges ang groups of packages.
The policy of your server in 15 minutes: the server will be installed and configurated within 15 minutes after the instalation is confirmed.
Remote hardware administration using the intuitive web interface. You have the posibility to restart the server, to start it or even to shut it down whenever it is necessary, without calling one of our administrators. By using DDNet Datacenter you have the complete control over your servers.
Company advantages:

A completely automitized solution. All the instalation details, from the hostname, distribution, the choosing of the packages to the IP setting are completely taken from the client without using the administrator.
Low staff. As DDNet Datacenter is a 100% automtized solution you will hire a few administrative personnel for the technical support. This can be done off-site, the costs reducing even more.
A web interface for control which is customizable. All the technical details on the server status, traffic, uptime can be accessed any time by using the intuitive web interface.
Complete automatization exclusive by software. By replacing the equipments designed to monitor and remote-control with a software solution, DDNet Datacenter cuts the initial costs by up to a third.

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