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Solutions / Call centers and call monitoring
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Call centers and call monitoring

The DDNet solution for call monitoring appeared as a consequence of a company to develop more call centers and to verify the employees efficiency.
The first phaze meant the implementation of the internal data and voice networks by using a inphrastructure physically separated for a more efficient control and a higher security of information. We also took into consideration the confidential information that were supposed to be exchanged between the clients and the employees. The Call Center project and the monitoring solutions are designed with a maximum security level and with redundant voice and data networks. The uptime of the Internet connenctions and of the internal network is intented to be almost 100% and this is one of most important goals of the project. The other essential goal is keeping secure the confidential content.

The of-the-shelf solution which are available are very difficult to adapt to this project and the estimative prices are way above 100.000$ lead us to implement this 100% software solution completely developed by the DDNet team. This solution allows the collection of all the calls made by the VoIP equipments installed within the company in a transparent manner and without affecting the infrastructure. Beside the software components which store and extract all the VoIP calls we created a web interface which allows the access to all the calls and the control of the software configuration parameters.
The web interface is designed for a considerable number of access levels over the various functions offered by the administrator. Besides the call archive which can be completely accessed from the web page, we allow the live listening of the calls from the same web interface. The details of every call are stored in the data base and are displayed in the archive detail page. You also have the posibility to download these conversations. The interface allows you to access an advanced search menu and to sort by various criteria.

The major advantage compared to the commercial solutions is the modular design of the integrated components. The project is easily adapted to any VoIP platform no matter what network type there is.
Another advantage is the scalability as the application can collect and store information. Their quantity is limited only by the existing hardware, as the installed solutions already store more than 3000 conversation hours and more than 400GB archives.

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